Performance Goals

Be faster than every other knucklehead out there. That is all.

Seriously, for now running 11.0n ETs consistently and all the time is what I want; not just on a hero pass. I think I’m close now.
It’s definitely where I need to be for Drag Week. Oh, that’s right. I managed to squeak in a registration for Hot Rod’s Drag Week.

That’s right, Lutz; I’m coming for you!

So that’s the goal. I need to get to 11.0 in summer weather by September.

I’ll be racing 1/4 mile this upcoming Sunday so I’ll have a good baseline with my current mods.

Still to do…
Wideband O2 sensor, so I can get some good logs for my tuner.
Drag radials.
Practice the tree at night.

I’ll see where that gets me. Stay tuned.

Author: bigsapper

Software Engineer

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