Friday Night Test-N-Tune

My first pass Friday night. Cut a .003 light against a CTS-V that was .5 sec quicker. That light was good enough to beat the Caddy.

It was a pretty solid night out at Texas Motorplex. Very consistent runs with an average of 11.674 ET @ 120.9mph. I was surprised at the consistency as I was hot lapping for most of it; I had 3 runs in 20 minutes that were all within .05 ET and 1 mph. I had a total of 7 passes.
Over the scales, my car weighed 3,310lbs (not me in it) with 3/4 tank of corn juice.
Tires, Michelin PSS, were at 33psi all around.
Density altitude for the night ranged from about 750′ to 1500′.
Average highway MPG on the way to the track was 27mpg. :O

My best was 11.653 ET @ 121.37mph with a 1.754 ET 60′.
My worst was an 11.781 ET @ 120.98mph with a 1.863 ET 60′. That was the only run I didn’t use launch control. I tried Tour setting and pedaling it off the line but just too much wheel spin. I was getting a bit of spin even with launch control.

I know I was wanting to keep this as close (looking) to stock as possible, but since I can’t run my current mods with a stock tune without setting a CEL — WTH. Sorta.

I have a Halltech Stinger-R cold air intake inbound from Edgyvette. That and a wideband oxygen sensor installed, with appropriate logging/tuning, should net me two tenths.

Drag radials should net me another two tenths. I am really wanting to wait until August to put on DRs so they’re fresh for the ~2,000 miles of Drag Week, but I might pull the trigger now. A drag pack would be even better.

Driver? Could be worth a tenth or two based on what I see people saying that the launch control isn’t the best way to better ETs. I haven’t had any luck with that and since I bracket race, consistency is King. I’ll work on it. I’m not going to crash diet either.

Long tube headers. Seems pretty obvious. They are part of my phase 2 plan. But that, coupled with my current investment in ported exhaust manifolds and Borla x-pipe, makes me want to pass on doing that now. However, it’s really looking like the Quick-32 field in Drag Week Street Eliminator is going to be sub-11.

Gonna need all the help I can get. Know what I mean, Vern?

Author: bigsapper

Software Engineer

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