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Well, I thought I would detail what I’ve done to video record my drag runs.

Initially, I looked at a GoPro and tried to figure out what software I needed. But I just couldn’t get any traction on that. Since this is kinda priority I just forgot about it.

One day, I came across the Garmin Virb XE Auto Racing Bundle Garmin Virb XE Auto Racing Bundle

Sweet! Dang, it reads your car’s metrics and adds them to the video! How cool!
My only concerns are that the OBD2 connector is proprietary(?), I’m not looking to spend a bunch of money on non-“go fast” parts (well, for now) and camera technology is like computer technology — it gets better and cheaper every time you sneeze.
So again, I let the idea languish.

As an aside, I’ve spent a few years looking for the perfect OBD2 app to use for monitoring/logging what regurgitates through the OBD2 port.
There are a lot of good ones out there, but they all seem to drop short in some fundamental way. However, unquestionably the best is the Torque app. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Android. I’ve used a Lenovo tablet with it and have been perfectly happy but I would prefer the convenience of using my iPhone; especially after I discovered I could use my iPhone 6+ for the camera. In the end, I’d settle for pretty much any of the available solutions for iPhone but I haven’t figured out how to get any of them to report Ethanol %. So frustrating.

Then I came across this…
Track Addict by HP Tuners. The app is free and works with your iPhone camera. It is very simple and easy to use.

The basic software, Race Render by HP Tuners, is free. Upgrades are reasonably priced, especially for what you get.
My complaint with this package, is that it suffers from the typical HP Tuners problem of the software interface not being intuitive, requiring pages of detailed instructions on how to use correctly.
Even with all that, I’ve never gotten the file transfer via email or wifi file transfer to work. Only thru direct USB connection. I’m sure it’s me, but who knows? I’ve only so many hours of my life to waste, when at least one method works. (and part of the reason for this post is for me to document what I have working, so every time I try to transfer files I’m not wasting time on a method that doesn’t work. Oy!)

For the OBD2 interface I’m using the GoPoint BT1. It is somewhat proprietary but integrated well with Track Addict. Plus it works with a few other iPhone apps like DashCommand and Shift-OBD2.

My iPhone camera is plugged in to the available USB port in my console with a standard Apple Lightning/USB cable.

The iPhone/Camera is mounted (landscape) to the windshield using this Scosche mount Scosche mount. The magnet system is pretty good; it’s never fallen off. Maybe I’m not launching hard enough. 😛
I have another sticky/magnetic mount near my radio where I usually mount my phone.

So that’s it. It’s a pretty tight, well integrated package that’s fairly inexpensive all in; assuming the phone is a sunk cost because you already have it. The camera quality in today’s phone is quite impressive.

As far as the shaking, the camera is essentially hard mounted (windshield) with little isolation. Youtube detects this and cleans it up via software but I haven’t found that to be a better overall quality. For now.

Here’s raw…

Here’s Youtube’s anti-shake software…


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