Where to Mount a Gauge?

Is it wrong that it’s 1:15pm, I’m still in my PJs (with Crocs) and in the garage working on my car?

Also, NHRA All Access 4-wide Nationals is on the Idiot Box.


Well, I got my gauge fixed, *finally*. One of the wires had worked it’s way out of the plug in the back of the gauge and finally detached completely. I got the pin inserted back in all the way. That should take care of that.

I also mounted the gauge. I used a cheap Auto Meter cup to mount the gauge.

I mounted it under the dash near my right knee. It’s actually attached to the side trim of the console. I really don’t like pillar pods and I am using the space in my cubby behind the screen so those were a no-go. Honestly, I could just as soon do without the gauge, but there’s not really anything like that on the market.

No problems hitting the gauge with my knee as my seating style is straight legs.

Author: bigsapper

Software Engineer

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