My First “Trophy”


Wow. What a very warm day. I’d say what a hot day, but I know we haven’t gotten there yet.

*Very* happy with my day. Car ran as slow as stock and my reaction times absolutely sucked, but I guess it was the same for everyone. I went rounds and finally red lighted in the semi-final round. That was well above any previous performance for me.

All in all, I’m happy with the car’s performance despite running 7.65 – 7.85. The inconsistency was due to poor track prep and needing drag radials; although I’m leaning more towards track prep as I’ve hooked with these MPSS ZPs before. My 60′ times were 1.85 – 1.98, which is as bad as I’ve ever done. I will put drag radials on eventually as it’s required for Drag Week, but I’d like to hold off until closer to that event.

My times were disappointing, but my speed was as fast as I’ve been in the eighth, including a best of 96.38 mph. DA was 2,500′ all day. Between that and the traction problems all day, I’m certain a good run would be right at 7.40. Even with the DA, I would have been sub 7.5 if I could hook.

I run the King Muscle Car Class in the Texas Muscle Car Club Challenge. Here’s my 3rd round win. It was against a team mate.

Author: bigsapper

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