Getting Back Inside My OODA Loop

Well after some thoughtful consideration, I’m going to back down my racing participation. I intended to compete the full season in these two series but all the early season rain outs have adjusted my plans. For instance, 3 of the rain outs are rescheduled for the weekends bracketing Drag Week which means I’ll miss those.

My focus now is preparing for Drag Week. First thing is to finish burning off this tank of nasty gas and getting corn juice back in the car. Then finish tweaking the tune with that.

And drag radials (

I’ll say one lesson learned, if you’re going to do the flex fuel conversion *and* any other intake/exhaust enhancements, you might as well do headers. Oh well, it’ll need to wait until I do my heads/cam package.
Reviewing my previous runs with E85 against the last session with pump gas, I can definitely see how knock retard starts affecting my runs as DA increases. Meaning E85 is more consistent. Despite the heat & elevated DA I was expecting better times. But with the increased power traction is becoming a problem.
For the record…
Current mods: E85 & tune, Edgyvette ported intake & TB, Borla offroad x-pipe, Halltech CAI (but did not contribute to the below times), Mighty Mouse Solutions Catch Can. Michelin PSS ZP tires.

Best times to date (1/8 mile & 1/4 mile were two different runs)…
Reaction: .002
60′: 1.752
330′: 4.927
1/8 ET: 7.525
1/8 MPH: 96.38
1000′: 9.791
1/4 ET: 11.653
1/4 MPH: 121.37

Both runs were ~900′ DA, ~50% humidity, ~65*.

Author: bigsapper

Software Engineer

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