Phase 2 Mods

My current phase 2 mod plans are ported heads and cam package (and headers and displacement-on-demand (DOD) delete kit). I wasn’t planning on doing this until spring 2018, tho. However, sometimes opportunities present themselves and cause a change of plans.

In a recent conversation, I mentioned that for sentimental reasons, I would prefer a package from Reher-Morrison Racing Engines, if they were involved in the new GenV Chevy small blocks. So despite being almost a year out from buying any parts, I sent an email off to the shop to see what was what.

Got a call back from Darin Morgan of Reher-Morrison, saying, “Guess what?”. They were definitely involved. Asked me to come down to the shop and look at some heads they were working on in conjunction with Competition Induction Designs.

So these now have my name on them. 


Author: bigsapper

Software Engineer

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