Reher-Morrison Racing Engines

I went on a little road trip this morning to South Arlington. Went to look at a set of LT1 heads at Reher-Morrison Racing Engines. (see previous post) They now have my name on them.

Darin Morgan was gracious enough to show us (my brother and his son came along) around the shop.

I had *NO* idea! It’s one thing to build a motor that makes 1,000+ hp NA. It’s another thing to make a 1,800+ HP nitrous or blown engine live for as many as 100 passes.

Stuff that is normal for their builds is exotic for the world I live in.

Got a peek at a few skunk works.

Everything from Stock/Super Stock to Pro Mod to Pro Stock. I could hang out there all day and listened to his stories.

Climate controlled dyno room with big inch big block…

Big inch, big power LS…

Goofing around in front of the shop…

Nephew standing in front of lots of trophies…

RIP Buddy. You were truly one of the great ones.

Author: bigsapper

Software Engineer

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