Garmin Virb XE Auto Racing Bundle

I finally pulled the trigger on a better camera setup, the Garmin Virb XE Auto Racing Bundle.

Charged the battery, read the instructions, 😮 and got everything configured for a test drive. I drove to the Post Office and back. It’s about a 10 minute drive round trip. On the way to the PO, the first half of the video, I had it set to the wide angle view. In the PO parking lot I changed the view to what I call “normal” but Garmin labels as Zoom. I did not turn on the auto-stabilization. I need to do that for a test, but as you can see the video quality is much better than the iPhone 6+.

Test Drive Video

The file uploaded to youtube is 480p resolution; file size is 665MB. The 1080p resolution file was over 2GB. 😮

With the remote it’s a much simpler setup to turn on/off. Now I need to find a data overlay that I like.
I can’t wait for my next opportunity to put it to use.

Followup (7/10/2017): Here’s a viddy with auto stabilization turned on. Looks good to me so I’ll leave it on.
Test Video w/auto stabilization

Author: bigsapper

Software Engineer

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