Woohoo! New Tires!

I got my new tires installed and road force balanced for Hot Rod Drag Week. For reference, the front tire size is 245/40R18 and the rear is 285/35R19. Can’t say enough good things about my local Discount Tire shop for the install.

Before I get into the new tires, I want to briefly mention the old tires that came off. The old tires are the factory original Michelin Pilot Super Sports ZP (Zero Pressure aka runflats). The rear tires were near the wear bars, but the front tires were at the wear bar. I’m right at 10,000 miles and although I have several burn outs on the rears, I’ve never road course tracked my car. Pretty surprising wear for the front tires. Especially with others reporting 20,000+ miles on their original tires.

On to the new. As previously mentioned, I went with the Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S Drag Radials for the rear.
The tires fit well and seem to be a little bit wider than the old Michelin PSS’s despite being the same listed size.

The fronts are the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S.
Despite the nomenclature, these are not 4 season tires, they are max performance summer tires. Word is these tires will replace the Michelin PSS on the new Corvettes, but the current model is not a Zero Pressure, so not sure when/if that will happen.
Speaking of, obviously the drag radials are not runflats. When running these tires, it’s important that the fronts are also replaced with non-runflat tires. People that have mixed these types have reported very squirrelly behavior on the top end at speed, likely due to the substantially difference in sidewall stiffness.

Driving impression: Just wow! The car rides much quieter and smoother. There is a definite seat of the pants inprovement in the feel of the car with the less stiff sidewalls. The softer sidewalls on the drag radials also contribute to a more “cushy” feel. The car does seems to float a bit at highway speeds; kinda like a Caddy, hahaha. I am surprised there is such a difference with such short sidewalls. But that said, it’s a relative difference. I’m sure I’ll little notice this as time goes on. After all, I had a year and a half and 10,000 miles on the old tires.

So one more action item checked off in preparation for Drag Week. 🙂

Author: bigsapper

Software Engineer

2 thoughts on “Woohoo! New Tires!”

    1. Same; 1.7′. Just using launch control and hadn’t worked on my foot braking technique to improve. Note, these tires are about an inch taller (despite the stated sizing) and your times are going to be a tick slower, all other things being equal.


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