Drag Week – (Pre?)Logue

I left Plano today to participate in Drag Week. I had planned on over nighting in Kansas City, MO, but realized on the way that I would still have a drive of over 5 hours Sunday to Cordova, IL. Check in starts at 8am, so I decide to push thru to Des Moines, IA. Lovely place. I did a 5 hour stretch and that was about my limit. 12 hours total and I am beat. Need liquor. πŸ˜‰

Here are some picks of my packing list of tools…

Additionally, I have my Yoga 910 laptop, HP Tuners suite and Garmin Virb camera.

I leave tomorrow morning for the Land of Lincoln. Registration, tech and test & tune in Cordoval, IL.


Author: bigsapper

Software Engineer

One thought on “Drag Week – (Pre?)Logue”

  1. Anything electronic, make sure you check that it works (and has fresh batteries as required)., before you leave. I stopped to help someone with ignition problems but my multi-meter was dead. :-S


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