Drag Week – Test & Tune

Today was test ‘n tune. Long day to get “registered”. I was onsite and in line at 8:15am but I wasn’t finished teching & registering until 1:30pm. I can’t complain (too much) because there were still over 150 cars behind me. :-O

Really disappointed in my runs. 11.6 @ 120mph. Freaking drag radials are sketchy AF. No better traction than the Michelin Pilot Sports that come from the factory. 60′ are still in the 1.75 range. Car is consistent, but the DRs aren’t any better than the factory tires as far as traction and worse for ride quality. Also, and I know I’m going to catch grief for it, but the Halltech CAI isn’t any good. Absolutely no improvement. 11.6’s are my best before the Halltech & DRs and I have no improvement with those mods. I’m pissed because to make the 32-car field on Friday, I needed to be consistent 11.0. This is why people keep spending money on parts.

Hassled with a guy from Ontario with a Hellcat. His plates say “KrazyKat”. I was freaked about a Vette that had plates that said “KtyKilr”. Funny guy.

Ran into all the major actors, Frieberger, Finnegan, Lutz. Elana took pics of my car and I asked her if she got all the bug guts. She said she made sure to get pics of the failed attempt to wash them off. Hahaha.

So 11.6 @ 120mph is my baseline. Racing starts tomorrow in Cordova then south to St. Louis.

How ’bout them Cowboys!




Author: bigsapper

Software Engineer

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