Drag Week – Day 1

Well, the first day of Drag Week is in the books. LOOONNGG day. And glad it’s over.

My first pass, the car didn’t want to shift if I didn’t lift. Halfway down the track, the dash pop up a message, “Performance Shift Activate”. No idea what happened. I was in track mode with Traction Control & Stabilitrak off. Used Launch Control. <shrug>

The second pass I put it in Sport mode, left Traction Control on and left off idle. Ran down the track just fine. Tomorrow, I’ll do my first pass like this and once that’s in the books, I’ll try Launch Control again.

So pressure is off now. I’m 50+ on the chart. Only the top 32 get to go rounds. Currently that’s less than 11.0 and I’m at 11.71. 😦 Guess I’ll just enjoy myself.

One other thing. I’m might have been a little harsh on the (lack of) performance from the Halltech CAI. Looks like these drag radials are at least an inch taller than the same size factory tires. That would explain the slower MPH and a little bit less performance. I noticed this today driving the directions to checkpoints that my mileage was off. Looked at the MPH from the GPS and it was fairly consistent being 2-3mph faster than my speedo at highway speeds.

Tomorrow, Gateway Motorsports Park, then tracking back north the historic Byron Dragway in Byron, IL.

Author: bigsapper

Software Engineer

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