Drag Week Days 2-5

Wow, what a week! Wish it wasn’t over already.

Run synopsis…
Day 2, Gateway – Ran a best 11.87 ET. Not surprising as I was on gas and not E-85.
Day 3, Byron – 11.67. Best run of the week. I was back on E-85.
Day 4, Great Lakes – 11.72.
Day 5, Cordova – 11.69.

Trip synopsis…
Day 1, Cordova to St. Louis – Left the track looking for an E-85 station but couldn’t find one as the GPS on my phone was all cattywhompass. I ended up having to put 93 octane in the car to keep from running on empty. The trip was long and through the countryside. Not much to see but cornfields. I had problems using the provided Google maps direction and as mentioned, my phone GPS was screwy. The drive was more than 5 hours, so it ended up being a pretty brutal first road trip.
Day 2
, St. Louis to Byron – Although this was the longest stint of the trip, it was mostly highway so I made pretty good time. Checkpoint was a pretty cool ice cream shop. I wasn’t feeling well so I was looking forward to getting to the hotel early and settling in. Only they canceled my reservations on me while I was driving up. There wasn’t anything available within an hour’s drive but I managed to luck into a B&B. Pinehill Inn Bed & Breakfast. Most gracious hosts and a beautiful home. I rolled into the sack at 10pm.
Day 3, Byron to Union Grove – Before leaving Byron, I topped off with Rocket Brand E-85. $11 a gallon but good stuff. :-O Fairly short distance wise, but thru a lot of beautiful country. Checkpoints included a stop at Lake Geneva. Beautiful community; some people were curious about us and some, not so much. 🙂 I managed to get to see Lake Michigan and did a (sorry) burnout in front of the restaurant I ate at.
Day 4, Union Grove to Cordova – A little melancholy on this drive knowing that it was all soon to be over. I had a great time and met a lot of great people.

Hats off the David Freiberger and the crew at Hot Rod Magazine and Roadkill. Everything was perfect. It started off brutal as if to say, “Yeah, you might have bit off more than you can chew.” But as the week went on the thoughtfulness of the drive and checkpoint locations really shown through. All the evidence is in the videos where guys pulled over to the side of the road trying to fix their car, are still grinning ear to ear. I talked and walked the whole week and didn’t hear a single negative word or see a single disappointed face. I can’t wait until next year to do it all again.

I’ll post up links to all my videos & pictures later.


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