Version 2.0 — Out With The Old, In With The New

As you’ve no doubt noticed, I haven’t posted since my Drag Week blogs. I was involved in an slow speed accident a couple of months ago. 😦 I was rear-ended at an intersection with a yield sign and the person behind assumed I was going thru without stopping. No real injuries.

Car damage was purely cosmetic. No frame or structural damage. But I was not happy with the situation. Specialty cars, like a Corvette, take a huge hit in value when it’s involved in an accident. Also, once it was in the shop for repairs, the flex-fuel conversion was discovered and they put a power train warranty block on my car. 😐 Not that it really matters as I consider myself “self-insured” on the power train.

So I’ve spent these two months weighing different options. Keep it? Mod the hell out of it? Buy another Corvette? Or something else, but what? I finally went to CarMax for a trade-in quote a week ago and was shocked at the low offer*. But it’s easy to understand as the high volume Corvette dealers are offering as much as 20+% off new Corvettes. And the 2018s are fixin to be one model year old when Chevy starts producing the 2019 model year Corvettes in January.

Yesterday, I went to my favorite local Chevy dealer, Stonebriar Chevrolet. I was there only for research on what they would offer for trade-in. In order to get the process moving, I picked out a 2017 Stingray Corvette to use as a proxy for the conversation. Lo and behold, he came in on a number* that was $2,500 under my hypothetical target number. 😯

He came in lower on my trade-in, so I used that as the opportunity to walk out, having  concluded my immediate research. He stopped me and asked if he could match CarMax’s offer, would I buy? I thought about it for a hard minute or two and said yes. 😀 At the end of the day, it was probably the best case scenario for me staying in a Corvette. Also, my diminished value claim ( with the insurance company covered the negative equity*.

As far as the trade-in, for those that may be concerned, I fully disclosed the accident, the modifications and the blocked power train warranty.

So what, specifically, did I end up with? A 2017 Black Stingray, with the addition of the Z51 spoiler and the 2LT trim package (the 2016 was a 1LT). Otherwise it is identically equipped with red brake calipers, dual mode exhaust, carbon flash badges and 8-speed auto.

This also means I may not be competing in Drag Week 2018, as I won’t be modding this car at all. 😦

That’s it for now! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

*I’m purposely not disclosing specific numbers, so please don’t ask. 

Author: bigsapper

Software Engineer

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