C5 – Groundhog Day Misc Updates


Last weekend I upgraded my garage light. Sorta car related. Replaced my 4 bulb, 4′ CFL light fixture (ballast took a dump) with an equivalent size LED unit. WOW! 6500 lumens. Pricier comparatively but well worth it.

I installed a RadioFlyers LED interior light kit today. One of the footwell bulbs popped when I tried to get it in. Trying to get a replacement. The mirror map lights were a pain but I eventually got it done. Caution doing this with 15 year old plastic bits. Great upgrade for the interior lighting. I didn’t realize the kit didn’t include the underhood bulb so I ordered that today. Probably the extent of LED upgrades I’ll do.

Got one the Ecklers sun shade thingies for the transparent top. Even on a cloudy day, it didn’t help at all with the glare on my new DD head unit. Window tint is a definite go. The screen does have several angles of tilt and that helps, but tint will likely be a better solution as I’ll need it for the Texas summer anyway.

I was going to install my Flameball shift ball but I ordered the wrong size fitting for the sickspeed adapter. I’ll have to order a new one once I can figure out why my account isn’t working with them all of the sudden.

That’s it for now.

Author: bigsapper

Software Engineer

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