C5 – Front License Plate

One update I  still need to do is mount my front license plate. Unfortunately in Texas, it’s a $200 fine without one and the State Troopers will definitely write you up. Well, I don’t need to unnecessarily invite The Man into my life; and I’m sure they have better things to do than hassle poor ole me. 😉

With the acknowledgement that there is *no* way to mount a front plate on a Corvette that looks aesthetically pleasing, my personal preference has been the Sto-N-Sho bracket. My experience relates back to my C7 ownership. The factory bracket for the C7 partially blocks the grill (see below) and I can confirm this drives the engine temp up at least 5* in the summer.

The Sho-N-Sto stands forward a bit, so it still allows the air to circulate behind and flow thru the middle of the grill. Plus it’s easily removable, so you can completely unblock the grill at the track. You can see pictures of this at the manufacturer’s website linked above.

With that in mind, I ordered one for the C5. Not a simple bolt up, you need to drill a couple of holes. 😦
Not sure I want to do that so I ordered a factory filler plate and a clear cover. I may eventually use the Sto-N-Sho, but I just don’t want to drill body parts on it, even if they are underneath.

Author: bigsapper

Software Engineer

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