C5 – Health Check & Service

I’ve got my punch list figured out for my major drivetrain servicing. My intent is to check the health of the major components, primarily to see if they will support doing a head/cam/intake package on it. Not sure I want to really do all that tho, (compression test, leak down, oil analysis, etc.) because I don’t think I’ll reach my performance and driveability goals that way. Trans & diff are going to need to be built no matter what. And before I do anything under the hood. So there’s a lot I listed I may not do.

21st Century Muscle Cars did the work on my C7, so that’s where it’s going to get the below work done.

1-Check belts & hoses; replace as necessary.
2-Pressure test cooling system; repair as necessary.
3-Replace air filter.
4-Engine oil & filter change. Capture oil sample for Blackstone analysis.
5-Transmission oil & filter change. Capture oil sample for Blackstone analysis.
6-Differential oil change. Capture oil sample for Blackstone analysis.
7-Compression test on all cylinders; report results.
8-Leak down test on all cylinders; report results.
9-Install new spark plugs.
10-Replace existing oxygen sensors.
11-Install wideband sensor; AEM 30-0310X
12-Install catch can; Mighty Mouse C5/C6-Mild
13-Remove A.I.R. system.
14-Dyno tune; report results.

On the suspension, brakes and tires, the stuff I listed below is what I’m thinking, but will come later.

1-Health check on all suspension components, ball joins, end links, etc.; replace as necessary.
2-Replace shocks. Undecided on make/model, but need to be daily driver friendly; no Z06 shocks. Probably Viking or QA1 adjustable so they’re tunable at the track.
3-Stainless steel brake lines.
4-Brake system flush; what fluid to use for replacement?
5-Lightweight rotors?
6-Tires. Current tires are Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ ZP. They are in good condition with lots of tread left but they’re 5+ years old. I’m hoping the age of the tires attest to their poor dry/cold performance. The Michelin Pilot Super Sport ZPs I had on my C7 had better dry/cold performance. The MPSS ZPs are what I would like to go with but they don’t come in a C5 size (245/45R17 & 275/40R18), so I may go with the base C7 tire sizing (245/40R18 & 285/35R19) on a set of MRR M755 C7 ZR1 reproduction wheels in a C5 fitment. Or find another high performance summer tire. Other tire choices with C5 sizes include Bridgestone Potenza RE-11, Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval Indy 500, Nitto NT555 G2 & Toyo Proxes. Out of those choices, I think I would prefer the Nittos because I can run the NT555R drag radial in back, paired up with the NT555G2 in the front. Unfortunately, none of those choices are runflats. The MPSS tires really spoiled me on high performance & runflat technology.

That’s it for now.

Author: bigsapper

Software Engineer

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