Current Mods – 3/26/2017

My current mods are premised primarily on using E85. I had a 2014 Flexfuel Silverado (Dark Star) and became addicted to corn juice.

However, I’m only a year out from buying this car and wanted to keep my warranty options somewhat open. I should back up a bit at this point and state this car is my daily driver. I don’t have another primary vehicle. And due to certain logistical constraints, I don’t have space for a “toy” so my daily driver is also my hot rod.

Back to my mods. I want to be a bit conservative so I can flash back to stock to take my car in for warranty work. Obviously, there will be complications around drive train related warranty. So my intent is to tweak and tune around the edges and keep it stock looking while enhancing where I can.

To accommodate that I spec’ed out the following…
o Edgyvette (BER) Ported Intake Manifold
o Edgyvette (BER) Ported Throttle Body
o Green Performance Air Filter (
o SoCal Porting Ported Ceramic Coated Exhaust Manifolds
o Borla Offroad X-Pipe (
o Edgyvette (BER) E85 Sensor kit /w Tune

Other than the E85, all these parts based on my research would allow me to run the stock tune with no problems. Well, that hasn’t turned out to be the case. It seems that the combination of all these parts are throwing lean codes due to the overall improvement in airflow. So while getting it tuned isn’t an issue in and of itself, if it’s going to throw codes with the stock tune on gas, I should have just gone with long tube headers to make it easier to hit my performance goals.

Oh well, I’ll hang with what I have for now.